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Mar. 19th, 2015


Hi. Everything is going alright. Surviving.

May. 27th, 2008


i'm about to go to the table reading for Thor at the Bus Stop. It's this movie i got casted in. i'm pretty excited about it.

i have so much to talk about, and now just realized because i'm leaving soon i don't have enough time to write it all. i'll be back later.

i hate my job.


May. 25th, 2008


okay, so i haven't kept up with this like i was planning to.  i've been busy, i guess.  maybe not too busy to write in this, but i guess my mind has been elsewhere and i keep forgetting.

that or i've just been too lazy.

anyway, i hate my job.  i'm miserable.  i want to die every morning i wake up with the knowledge i have to work.  i should find a new job.

but again, i'm probably just too lazy.

i went to get a new car today, but apparently, my taurus is worth about $1.00 and i still have $1,000,000.00 to go until it's paid off.  it may be an exaggeration, but that's surely how it feels.  i want a chevy.  not a shit box ford.  maybe i shouldn't talk that way about it.  i might jinx it.  it's been good to me so far.

indiana jones was good but it wasn't.  i still haven't made up my mind. it's all just too surreal for some reason. the experience of watching it exists in my mind as a foggy dream.

i like to write music.  i'm a film major.  i'll have my bachelor's soon.  what am i going to do with it?  raspberries i say.

i like a girl that is far, far out of reach.  why do i always pick the ones hardest for me to get.

i'm pretty sure there's an obvious answer to that.


May. 12th, 2008

mumbo jumbo.

i'm going to start, you know...  really caring.  i think it's a good idea. 

maybe it would be best if i kept this journal completely private, that way i wouldn't feel like i'm being watched as i write.  i can then actually write about things that matter to me.  as if this were really a journal.

i'm afraid that if i start a journal and am honest, i'll just come off as extremely geeky.  but you know what?  i am a geek i guess.  and i guess i should be myself.  blah blah blah.

i don't know what to write right now.  i've got tons of cleaning and studying to do and i'm so overwhelmed i just can't think.  this is just my initial post.  just something to get this ball rolling.  i'm going to try and write in this at least every day.  we'll see.


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